International Firebird Arts Foundation

International Firebird Arts Foundation ("Firebird"), a 501©(3) tax-exempt organization is dedicated to promoting and showcasing Russian culture in America through exhibits, concerts, educational/cultural exchanges and other cultural cooperation projects between the U.S. and Russia. The Foundation provides exposure and support to aspiring young musicians, artists and dancers. Additionally, the Foundation assists the continuance of traditional art forms by raising interest and promoting opportunities for talented artists and artisans beyond their borders. Firebird is deeply committed to building bridges of cooperation between Russia and the United States by supporting projects that help build self-reliance, promote the exchange of ideas and encourage youth in the development of their talents.

Firebird brings together an exceptional union of distinguished Russians and Americans with vast professional expertise, talent and interest in Russian issues.  Many share Russian roots and are descendants of the vast wave of immigration from Russia after the Revolution of 1917.

Firebird spans both sides of the Atlantic with a continuously-expanding international advisory board of individuals and organizations whose names and accomplishments in promoting Russian culture transcend national borders and include, international artist, Alexey Steele , Director of the Museum Estate of L.N. Tolstoy at Yasnaya Polyana in Tula, Count Vladimir Tolstoy, the Russian Cultural Foundation (Moscow), the Rostropovich Foundation (Moscow), as well as the  Library-Fund of the Russian Diaspora (Moscow).

Along with ongoing political and economic initiatives, cultural diplomacy also deserves to be recognized and supported as an instrument for improving relations between Russia and the U.S.  Cultural diplomacy is highly effective in breaking down stereotypes and helping connect a new generation of Russians and Americans to one another. Firebird is in a unique position to help move this forward by supporting initiatives that focus attention on what binds us to each other through historical and cultural ties rather than on what divides us as adversaries. Firebird is in a unique position to help move this forward.  Together we can take on many of the wider international challenges that can only be mitigated through personal contacts and bilateral exchanges.