Podari Zhizn/St. Jude Children's Hospital.

Fr. left: Dr. Mikhael Maschan, Chairman of the Board, Grigory Mazmaniants, Executive Director, Xenia Woyevodsky, President Firebird Foundation, Ekaterina Chistyakova, Director, Ekaterina Shergova, Board Member, Chulpan Khamatova, Co-founder and Rick Shaydac, President ALSAC/St. Jude


Showcasing Russian Culture in America

International Firebird Arts Foundation promotes and showcases Russian culture in America through exhibits, concerts, educational /cultural exchanges and other cultural cooperation projects between the U.S. and Russia. Additionally, the Foundation supports the continuance of traditional art forms by raising interest and promoting opportunities for talented artists and artisans beyond their borders. Firebird is deeply committed to building bridges of cooperation between Russia and the United States by supporting projects that help build self-reliance, promote the exchange of ideas and encourage youth in the development of their talents.