Ballet Russes Gala at the Russian Embassy
Firebird directors and Suzanne Massie
Suzanne Massie, Suzanne Farrell, and Firebird Directors
"Land of the Firebird" - book by Suzanne Massie
Susan Eisenhower wih Esther Coopersmith and Kennedy Center production manager
Meeting the dancers
Susan Eisenhower meets Ambassador Kislyak
Susan Eisenhower, Amb. Kislyak, Suzanne Massie, Liya Jacobsen
Susan Eisenhower, Amb. Kislyak, Suzanne Massie
Ambassador Kislyak meets Suzanne Farrell
Guest of Honor - Librarian of Congress Jim Billington
Firebird President Xenia Woyevodsky meets General Director of Russian State Library
Esther Coopersmith and Amb. Kislyak
Esther Coopersmith with Suzanne Farrell